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Thrive Bootcamp Burn - Week 8

Abby Graham
July 21, 2022

Nutrition 101: 12 Potential Signs You're Eating Too Much Sugar

For this last week of our Bootcamp Burn program I wanted to end on a "sweet," note (see what I did there? LOL). Sugar, like carbohydrates often gets a pretty bad rap and for some very valid reasons. Studies have shown that too much sugar can cause a host of health issues from poor digestion to heart disease.

However, just like there are good and bad carbohydrates the same rule of thumb applies to sugar as well! For instance, naturally occurring sugars such as those found in many fruits are not equal to those added into processed foods. For this week's nutrition 101 I wanted to pass along a solid article I found on Everyday Health that will give you some insight into whether you may be taking in too much processed sugars so you can course correct.

For many of us, our bodies will respond in specific patterns when something such as sugar in-take becomes imbalanced. For example, if I routinely begin to eat too much processed sugar my skin starts to breakout, I feel less satiated after eating and a bit more fatigued. My hope is that this article will clue you into your body's own individual patterns and allow you to adjust accordingly to get back into balance. Click here to ready on!

Mindset Motivation | The More You Know: Some Parting Thoughts

Mindset and mindfulness are the two areas that I am admittedly most passionate about when it comes to health and wellness. Our mindset plays an integral role in our daily lives as parents, partners, athletes, women, men, friends...everything! Ironically, it is overlooked most often when people talk about fitness, nutrition, performance, etc. Most of us were not raised with mindset and mindfulness being discussed at the dinner table nor were we educated on how our mind, body and spirit are intended to work synergistically which is why I genuinely love helping people to realize those connections and in doing so, move from stuck to soaring.

In this last post I want to offer you a very simple concept that I hope you will take with you along your journey.

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few." -Shunryu Suzuki

"Beginner's mind," is one of the cornerstones to mindset / mindfulness. Plainly stated it means that only when you are a true beginner, can you really learn anything. One of the coolest things about young children is their willingness to openly state, "I don't know." That statement is often followed by tremendous and persistent curiosity. Young children are naturally inquisitive about themselves and the world around them...their minds and hearts are like a blank state.

As we acquire knowledge and life experience that slate becomes clouded with our own discernments, opinions, ideas, feelings, perspectives and so on which serve very important purposes. They help us to make sense of our world and quickly digest information as it comes to us day in and day out. But this "crowded slate," also becomes a double edged sword. As we grow into adults we disconnect from our beginner's mind...the lens with which we view the world begins to narrow and in doing so, we lose out on the opportunity to constantly learn, grow and evolve in both little and big ways. In simple terms, we get stuck in our personal evolution missing out on greater levels of joy, peace, love and more. This is why many people experience a sort of nagging feeling as they enter into "midlife," that something is off or missing.

As we end our formal Bootcamp program I encourage each of you to reconnect with your "beginner," spirit. This is one of the tools I often use the most in working with my mindset clients because it opens up sooooo many doors and has invaluable benefits. There is no secret sauce to this work (remember when I mentioned that during our seminar?). The easiest tip I can give you is every turn, be curious. Approach yourself and the world with a sense of authentic curiosity. Even if you feel out of practice and don’t know where to start, it’s still inside you and available to you in any given moment. If you ever need help getting unstuck - you know where to find me :)

I wish the very best for your heart, your mind, your body and your spirit.

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