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Coach Spotlight: Michelle

Abby Graham
July 21, 2022

We are excited to announce that Michelle is being added to our coaching schedule starting in November. In addition to her experience coaching HIIT, Michelle was a competitive swimming star at Villanova and an international competitive swimmer for Puerto Rico. She is a certified life coach and recently completed her Two-Brain Level 1 Coaching Certification.


Certifications: Two Brain Level One Coaching Certification

Certified Professional Life Coach

Height: 5'9''

Favorite Lift: Snatch

Least Favorite Lift: Split Jerk

Motivation for Training: Seeing what my body can do

Favorite thing to do outside the gym: Trying new things with my boo thang

Favorite Breakfast Meat: Sausage

Favorite Sport: Swimming

Favorite Color: Blue


"I am SO excited to begin coaching more of you and hopefully, to empower each of you in exceeding your goals! Athletics have been in my DNA since I was a little kiddo. At 13 after joining a summer swimming league I realized I was a fish out of water and living in the pool quickly became my passion. I was fortunate enough to excel in the sport and had the opportunity to compete internationally, qualify for Olympic Trials and earn a Division I swimming scholarship to Villanova University. I had no idea though that coaching would one day become my second love.In 2014, after going through some of life’s ups and downs, I felt called to become a Certified Life Coach. At that time, I was particularly interested in helping other women to uncover their own strength and grace so I launched my own workshops and motivational speaking sessions with the intention of helping others to get “unstuck,” in their own lives. Over the past 7 years, working with people from all walks of life has made me realize that I didn’t want my passion to be a “part time thing,” but rather my life’s work. I have had the added privilege of learning soooo much from every client and every experience I encountered. As geeky as it sounds, I consider myself a student of life and a lover of learning! Yet, something still felt like it was missing and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.UNTIL I came to Thrive…since joining the Thrive community my passion for athletics and holistic living has grown tremendously. With each passing month I began to realize that the work I had done to date was part of a larger calling in health and fitness. It became obvious to me that coupling my background in life coaching along with fitness coaching is the complete picture. I finally found my missing piece (in more ways than one)! I firmly believe that our wellbeing extends far beyond the gym. It’s a journey of mind, body and spirit. There’s nothing like finishing a kick-ass workout and being able to walk out the door with the mental / spiritual tools in place to live our daily lives from a place of inspired strength. My goal is to be a bridge in helping as many of you as possible to connect with your true grit physically and mentally. I am also thrilled to bring mindset coaching to our Thrive community (more of that to come!).I look forward to working with all of you and am always available to help! Here’s to a future of awesome WOD’s, hot bods and strong minds. See you soon!"

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