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3 Ways For Continued Success in Your Fitness

Clients are commonly looking for the “next best thing” or the “quickest fix” to get into shape or to continue to improve their fitness.
Abby Graham
August 5, 2022

Clients are commonly looking for the “next best thing” or the “quickest fix” to get into shape or to continue to improve in their fitness. The internet doesn’t help because it can make each new method look sexy and easy but in reality method is only a tool and sometimes they can get stale or halt progress, what makes a difference is something that lies within the client.


Client: I want to look like him or I want to perform like her, what are they doing?

Me: They have been consistent over the past 3-5 years. They consistently show up each day. They consistently make healthy choices and when they "fall off" they get right back up...consistently.

Show up! Show up each day, and show up ready to work. If you do this, then you will create the habit of working each day, and your ability to progress will be a lot stronger.


Now that you know the first secret to continuing to improve, the second magic pill is EFFORT. Effort isn’t about killing yourself each day but rather putting forth what you need on that day to take another step forward toward achieving your goals. Too much effort (and intensity) can be just as bad as not enough but if you work on putting in the right amount for that day around your training you will find consistency in your adaptation and progress.

Exercise Selection. 

Choosing the right exercises is the 3rd magic pill in continuing to improve your fitness. In order to elicit specific adaptations, you need to choose the right exercises. Some goals evolve around aesthetics, some goals evolve around performance, and some goals evolve around overall health. All the goals need specific exercises to produce the desired results. 

Are you stuck? Contact us and we can help you by evaluating your goals and coming up with a personalized training plan to help you achieve them!

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